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At Sotheby's, our team members pride themselves
on their commitment to quality & service

About Us

Handling the details from beginning to end is what makes or breaks a deal.

Our solid real estate backgrounds, personable demeanors and impressive flair for dealing with a variety of individual needs, sets us apart.

All members or our team are west side residents and our focus on client satisfaction starts with identifying the unique style and character of each property. We then tailor our services accordingly.

We work to achieve our clients’ goals, our approach is not just responsive, but proactive. While responsiveness is essential to successful client relationships, anticipation is the mark of professionalism.

We work with you, on a personal level, to ensure your home objectives are achieved.

Contact any one of us today to explore your own real estate possibilities, and reap the benefits of outstanding team service.

Our Team

Monique Badun

Monique Badun understands that buying or selling a property is one of the biggest lifestyle decisions you’ll ever make. Working with Monique means peace of mind; you can rest assured you will receive the highest quality professionalism and representation from her and her team, along…

Office: 604.632.3300Mobile: 604.644.5531

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Kim Craig

Since moving to Vancouver with her family in 2007, Kim has maintained a strong track record in real estate. Her kind, forthcoming demeanour is what shapes her relationships with her clients, as she prides herself on her integrity, tenacity, and the ability to help all…

Office: 604.632.3300Mobile: 604.764.7213

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Sarah Warren

Nearly a decade ago, Sarah was inspired to begin a career in real estate after her first home purchase. With a background in sales and customer service and a passion for real estate, it was a natural fit. Sarah brings extensive experience and knowledge to…

Office: 604.632.3300Mobile: 604.356.5677

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Adrienne Kenny

Born in Victoria and raised in Vancouver, Adrienne is passionate about the beauty of the Lower Mainland and the cultural and recreational opportunities the region provides. Her outgoing personality and ability to build and maintain strong relationships made sales a natural career choice, and the…

Office: 604.632.3300Mobile: 604.317.9516

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Bev Weaver

With over 25 years of real estate sales experience with a focus on exceeding expectations, Bev has fine-tuned her skills to benefit the hundreds of clientele who trust her with their real estate interests. After finishing her nursing career, Bev took interest in her family’s…

Office: 604.632.3300

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Penny Graham

Penny considers her work a rewarding and ongoing adventure. For over 35 years, she has continually helped buyers and sellers secure homes that meet her buyer’s exacting needs. Penny’s results have been not only accurate but also incredibly effective, attested by her annual qualification into…

Office: 604.632.3300

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